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Designer Anna Dabrowska, also known as Finnabair, is a mixed media artist, scrapbooker, art journaller, teacher and designer. She has a range of collections with 7 Dots Studio, and mixed media collections from Prima. 


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UK Stockist Glass Glitter
Glass Glitter
Uk Stockist Micro Beads
Micro Beads
UK Stockist Finnabair Stencils
UK Stockist Finnabair 9th Wave
9th Wave Paper Collection
Uk Stockist Finnabair Sunrise Sunet
Sunrise Sunset Paper Collection
Uk Stockist Mica Flakes
Mica Flakes
UK Stockist Finnabair Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Paint
UK Stockist Finnabair Glitter Sets
Glitter Sets
Uk Stockists Finnabair Domestic Goddess
Domestic Goddess Paper Collection
UK Stockist Finnabair Resist Canvas
Resist Canvas
Uk Stockist Mica Powder
Mica Powder
UK Stockist Finnabair Art Basics Mediums
Art Basics Mediums
UK Stockist Finnabair Art Sugar
Art Sugar
UK Stockists Finnabair Stamps
Uk Stockist Glass Beads
Glass Beads
Uk Stockists Finnabair Brushes
UK Stockists Finnabair Vintage Mechanicals
Vintage Mechanicals
UK Stockist Cold Country
Cold Country Paper Collection
UK Stockists Finnabair Small Texture Stamps
Small Texture Stamps

Uk Stockist Finnabair

UK Stockists Anna Dabrowska

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