Altered Canvas Shoe

Created for A Sprinkle Of Imagination by Tracy Scott

So I've had a few days off from the day job this week to have a bit of a spring clean and whilst going through the wardrobe found an ugly pair of black pumps that had hardly been worn (because they were ugly, I don't like ugly things....see where I'm going with this !!). Well I was just about to toss them away and thought I might be able to do something with them........

I started by covering all of the canvas parts with a couple of thin layers of gesso (slightly watered down) allowing the layers to soak into the canvas and build up slowly.

Once completely dry I added my base colours using heavy body acrylic paints in Lime (used for the tongue see pictures of completed shoe), Turquoise and Magenta, again applying them in thin layers to build up the colours, I used Dina's fabulous brushes for this job. The bristles are stiff enough to get into to all the fabric of the canvas and give a good coverage.

Once I was happy with my colours I started to sketch my design, first in pencil and then went over in a black waterproof marker, I decided for my first attempt not to try anything too complicated and just go with simple shapes and patterns.

When I was happy with my design I took a small brush and black and white acrylics and began painting in the detail tidying up after with the black waterproof marker.

I used a splatter stamp and some black archival ink to stamp onto the pink parts surrounding the lace holes and down the back of the shoe and then used a white fine line paint pen to add my finer details, sealed with 3 thin coats of modge podge and allowed to dry thoroughly, finally I raided my ribbon box and found the perfect piece to use as my laces


I'm sure you'll agree that they certainly don't look ugly anymore !!!!

Products used in this project

Heavy Body Acrylics 

  Dina Wakley/Liquitex


Also consider using paint markers:

Posca Paint Pens

Montana Acrylic Markers



  Dina Wakley/Liquitex/Golden

Whilst we appreciate the exact products used in this tutorial may not all be in stock we hope it will serve as inspiration for you.