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Vintaj 5" Chain Nose Plier With Cutter

This is the ultimate Vintaj crimping, clamping, clasping tool. We highly recommend this plier. This is essential for closing jump rings, crimping, for use in the Vintaj linking process and is invaluable for creating settings with Vintaj filigree. Built in cutter. Hardy, durable with a secure grip. 


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Tim Holtz Drill Punch
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Vintaj Hole Punch Pliers

Ideal for riveting and hole punching in Vintaj Altered Blanks. This hole punch plier offers a 1.5mm punch with precise clearance for a clean cut. Punches perfect size hole for riveting. Also, punch additional holes in blanks to create drops and connectors. Built in gentle return springs and GRIP handles provide optimal comfort.


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Vintaj Reliefing Block

How did we live without this? The Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block has quickly become a Vintaj Essential.


It fits "just right" in the palm of your hand. Perfect for adding design relief to all of your projects. The Metal Reliefing Block was created especially for sanding the raised areas of Vintaj metal products, to show off their fine detail. But don't limit the use of this awesome block.


Have fun creating handcrafted pendants & mixed-media art with Vintaj altered blanks, Natural Brass and Arte Metal embellishments; emboss, impress, imprint, paint, & ink, then sand-relief the surface with this perfect tool to bring your designs to life!


Use this block on paper goods, polymer clay, chip board, grunge board, wood, leather, acrylic, textiles, foil, canvas and more. 



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  • Delivery Time: 1-3 days

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